bourntec is an industry-focused global information technology management, advisory, consulting, and business process re-engineering partner recognized for its in-depth research, knowledge and experience-backed, exceptional customer outcomes and strategic technology solutions. We help our clients harness the power of emerging technologies, to adopt digital transformations, to solve toughest challenges, to deliver outstanding business value and to delight their customers.


Derived from Old English, ‘Bourn; is a noun for a ‘Destination’ a ‘Goal’. Defines an unfettered commitment to our stakeholders’ success, never stopping till we reach the goal. The compass that differentiates us is the traditional wisdom of the landscape, updated new knowledge of ever-changing market dynamics, supported by trusted sources and reliable resources makes our customer journey effortless and delightful to reach their desired destination, Bourntec is a technology company with a Commitment to partner with you in your journey to achieve your chosen goals.

Our traditional knowledge backed by thousands of customer choices and delivery experience over decades, empowers you with a brand-new decision of investing in the best technology roadmap and right partner strategies; Bourntec is driven by the goal of adding long-term value using researched insights backed by data.

New knowledge coming from our ever-growing team of consultants with rich experience, renewed talent pool with expertise and agility which Bourntec garnered over the years from multiple technology development and deployment across business verticals.

Our best value is a collective of our deep market research and profound partnership strategies is the core of our trusted sources and reliable resources we expanded across many geographies viz. Americas, MENA, Asia. A virtue that all of us at Bourntec imbibe, and to which thousands of our customers stand a testament. In a space of infinite adjectives, you can trust us!

Leadership Desk



Srujana has over 25 years of experience in leading strategic business development. In her role as President of Bourntec Solutions, she is responsible for Corporate strategy and Fulfilling the mission, vision of Bourntec. Srujana focuses and strengthens Bourntec’s culture with open and honest communication which builds long-term relationships within and outside the Organization. She is a strong champion of diversity and inclusion, increasing women representation in Bourntec without compromising on the capabilities.

Growth Strategy 2022-25

Accelerated Growth

  • Accelerate growth in geographies we exist
  • Focus on priorities, align business to our strengths


  • Rapidly grow talent around our core competencies
  • Hiring in geographies we operate


  • Invest in strategic clients
  • Focus on Hyper Growth Alliances across regions

Simple Operating Model

  • Lean organization, focused on reducing costs
  • Region centric cost model

Our Diversity & Inclusion charter is imbibed in our value system “Respecting Each Other”, and drives our Equal Employment Opportunity practices. We strive to provide a work environment free of discrimination and harassment. As an equal opportunity employer all employment decisions are based on merit and business needs. We do not discriminate or allow harassment on the basis of race, color, religion, disability, gender, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, age, genetic information, military status, or any other legally protected status.

Certifications reiterates that the processes, mechanism, infrastructure are in line with the best of frameworks, policies, and processes, delivering greater value to the customer. These also highlight the capability of the organization to demonstrate its ability to handle projects in a matured way, predict outcomes in advance and take corrective actions

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